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About Regina, Saskatchewan

Places to go. Just the right amount of people to see. Regina's got everything you like about big cities (culture, sports, entertainment) and nothing you don't (crowds, crowds, crowds). And the people are really friendly. We'll even hold the door for you! So, don't be surprised if you decide to extend your stay to experience a legendary Roughrider game or the RCMP Sergeant Major's Parade or one of the world's only 3D laser theatres or, hey, if you moved here, you'd never have to miss a thing!

  • Home of the Mounties and their fascinating RCMP Centennial Museum and Sunset Ceremony!
  • Casino Regina, Saskatchewan's #1 tourist attraction
  • Gorgeous Wascana Centre and our impressive legislative building!
  • Music, museums, theatre and fascinating historic sites!
  • The Saskatchewan Roughriders and the most loyal fans anywhere!

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Pee Wee Classic Hockey Tournament


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